An Open Letter to the Girl I Pressured Into Having an Abortion

(Editor’s note: this is written anonymously to protect the woman involved)

When did it became socially acceptable to pin abortions on women while men walk free? How was it your fault you got pregnant when I definitely wasn’t the epitome of self-control in that moment?

I couldn’t go with you that day. I was too embarrassed.

Ten years later, it finally hit me that that moment in the abortion clinic was probably the worst of your life and I sat back and protected myself.

No one blamed me or shamed me. Besides, only girls can have abortions…right? I was the honor roll athlete who lead worship for youth group. I wasn’t reprimanded; instead, my friends just gave me high fives for “dodging a bullet” while “getting some.” No this wasn’t the perverted back-of-the-class-sitting outcasts giving me high fives—it was the guy in my Bible study, it was the valedictorian, it was the “Christian.”

Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

I wasn’t the guy society puts on the abortion posters. I simply didn’t understand the value of life as I do now.

It wasn’t until I met a family who showed me the value of children that I realized how stupid I had been. Not only did they show me how kids are the greatest purpose in the world, but they also displayed how relationships are meant to function.

I am so painfully aware of how big I messed up with you. And I am so sorry.

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