We Are All in This Together, Mama

There are no easy answers for anyone.

What are working mothers to do? Those that cannot work from home?

How could they possibly put food on the table without a job?

What about the stay at home mothers? Their mental health is so important and often ignored.

Have we considered the mothers that do not speak or read English? Try and imagine if they have to once again homeschool in the fall.

My heart breaks for the single mamas with no support system.

Every mother feels stuck, unsure of what to do.

Mama, I know you are tired, exhausted really.

You are drained from all of this, and we still have months to go.

We are all doing our best with the information we have.

We should not tear each other down for the hard choices we all have to make.

Let us lift one another up. We need it now more than ever.


This piece originally appeared at She Pens by Aliette Silva, published with permission.

Aliette Silva
Aliette Silvahttps://www.facebook.com/shepensblog/
Aliette Silva is a mom and a writer that lives for a good Cuban sandwich. Her work has been featured in Today Parents, Her View from Home, Filter Free Parents, The Real Deal of Parenting, and Scary Mommy. She writes posts, shares stories, and snaps pictures of the daily mama grind. When she is not writing, you can find her chasing sleep or her two girls all over Disney World. You can connect with her at: Instagram: @shepensblog Facebook: facebook.com/shepensblog/

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