Joanna Gaines Opens up in Memoir, Shares Emotional Story About Oldest Son, Drake

Joanna Gaines is one gal who never seems to slow down. If she’s not buying and fixing houses around Waco, Texas, she’s launching a home decor line, making a cooking show, publishing children’s books, or buying a flipping castle. And if all that wasn’t enough, my girl is out here raising FIVE children.

Recently, Joanna has been opening up about some of her most poignant memories in her life as she promotes her new memoir, The Stories We Tell.

The 44-year-old told Jimmy Fallon that the book is like a letter to her younger-self.

“A lot of my writing and that practice was writing back to her,” Joanna says of a photo of her 6-year-old-self on the cover of her new book. “I think as we get older, we chase maturity and wisdom, and I think all of that’s great, but I think we also forget that childlike spirit we all once had,” she continues, “and so, I was trying to get back to her.”


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Joanna says her 6-year-old-self was the “wholest” and “freest” she can remember being, so the stories in her memoir are stories she’s writing back to her 6-year-old-self.

The Stories We Tell

In writing to her younger self, Joanna penned a story about the day her oldest son, Drake, drove away for the first time. She recently read the emotional passage on Instagram, and it’s a tear-jerker that has mamas all across the internet rallying in support of Joanna and her open-ness.

She talks about the first time her son Drake, who turned 18 last year, drove away all by himself.

“There were a lot of tears,” Joanna admits. “It hurts to see my son leave in such an obvious display of what it looks like to grow out of us. This rite of passage now belonging to him.“

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