Carrie Pauly

Carrie Pauly is a busy work at home in a typical small Minnesota town. She started her career with the National Park Service where she met her husband of 15 years and has fit her current gig as a photo book designer around raising her kids (ages 11, 9, & 5). She is always in the middle of some sort of sewing, decorating, or crochet project and when she's not tending to her family's extensive flower and vegetable gardens she is plotting their next camping or canoeing adventure. Battles over what was offered for meals and how quickly her kids would devour an entire box of cereal or crackers was starting to creep into every day life so Carrie took drastic measures to bring peace back to her home.  She started an experiment with her older two children to see what would happen if she removed herself from the fight entirely. It was risky to give an 11 and 9 year old control of their own food budgets, but the results were worth it!

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