Christy Baca

Christy is a graduate from Texas A&M University where she met her husband of 24 years, and together they have two daughters who are now young adults. She has 10 years’ experience speaking nationally to various audiences including MOPS, parents, administration teams, students, and for non-profit fundraisers. Christy authored the book, "Saying Yes to Saying No - A Parent's Guide to Values-Based Abstinence". Christy has a passion for helping moms remember who they are no matter what season they are in, and, as a certified biblical life coach, she coaches women through life's difficult moments, and she also mentors’ young mothers at the local Moms Inc. group. Christy believes we are better together, especially when it comes to marriage and parenting. Christy would love to connect with you. She can be found on Instagram, Facebook and her website

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