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Keisha Howard, also known as “Coach Keisha”, is an internationally recognized Speaker, Author, Mentor, and Certified Life Coach who brings a whole lot of girl-power wherever she goes. Keisha has a Masters degree in Counseling and has over 10+ years of experience as a former School Teacher and School Guidance Counselor, but today she is lovingly called “The Queen of Empowering Teens”, because Keisha specializes in helping girls and young women build self-esteem while overcoming obstacles such as bullying, peer pressure, body image issues, social media madness, and friendship situations. She provides individual 1:1 coaching & mentorship, group coaching sessions, and mother/daughter coaching sessions, and she is also available to speak at schools, PTA meetings, colleges, churches, and events. Her life’s mission is to both empower girlsand educate parents on the latest hot topics and trends that relate to developing healthy girls in today’s generation. View more information at www.CoachKeisha.com[email protected]


new mom

Four Years Later: A Letter of Encouragement to My New Mom...

To that exhausted, terrified, overwhelmed, and frustrated new mom, I'm writing to tell you, hang in there sister. This won't last forever.