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Lacey Keigley
A mother and a writer, a tea drinker and a furniture rearranger, Lacey Eibert Keigley works by day as an educator to her half a dozen kids and works by night as a writer and editor at both SoEveryday.com. and TravelersRestHere.com. If life was measured by drives to the dentist and papers graded, she'd be a thousand years old already. As it is, she's a pretty normal age and is grateful for the journey she's taken to get to the Plan A life she's living, even when it's looked an awful lot like Plan B.


shout out

Shout Out to the Girls Who Know There’s Room for Everyone

Shout out the girls who are confident enough to know that success is not one size fits all and there is room enough for everyone to win.
mean girls

Let’s Stop Raising Mean Girls