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Rebecca Smith
First, I am a child of God. And, like a child, I am always learning and growing. The more I know Him, the more I love Him. Second, I am a wife to a good man. Missions is his thing while teaching women to love God’s Word is mine. Third, I am a mama to three plus a sweet cockapoo who thinks he’s #4. My children are my ongoing sanctification. Fourth, I am a passionate advocate of all things healthy & natural, an even 50/50 split of introvert/extrovert, and a dreamer/designer. Old friends call me Becky, newer ones call me Rebecca, and the most intimate ones call me Beck. You can just call me friend. Find me writing at ByFaithShe.com.


divorced christians

Christian Leaders, Please Stop Saying This About Divorce

Let's not leave the vulnerable people without hope. God is so much bigger than divorce. Keep fighting the good fight. God doesn't hate divorced christians.