WATCH: Mom Shows Off Viral Tip for Diffusing Toddler Tantrums

If toddler tantrums are testing your patience, one Georgia mom has discovered a surprising and effective solution: doing zoomies. Not only will your child stop crying, but you’ll also feel calmer. Alivia Cromartie, a 26-year-old mom, shared her unique approach on social media, where it has resonated with millions.

Zoomies, or frenetic random activity periods (FRAPS), is a term used to describe when dogs suddenly start racing around to burn off energy. Cromartie has adapted this concept for her parenting toolkit with remarkable success.

“POV: This is how you gentle parent when your toddler is on the verge of a meltdown … zoomies!” Cromartie captioned a TikTok video that has been viewed more than 15 million times.

In the video, Cromartie’s 18-month-old daughter, Icey, is visibly distressed and crying. But Cromartie quickly defuses the situation by running around in circles. Icey’s sour mood lifts, and she begins laughing. The clip ends with Cromartie and a smiley Icey sharing a big hug, touching the hearts of many viewers.

“Works every time,” Cromartie wrote.

@jussslivWorks every time 😂♬ Love Songs – Bonus – Kaash Paige

Cromartie told that Icey was “cranky” because she was ready to eat. “Icey gets upset when her food takes too long,” she explained. Luckily, Cromartie knew exactly what to do before the tantrum escalated.

“I’ve done zoomies in a grocery store. I’ll run up and down the aisles. I don’t care who sees,” she shared. “Distracting my kid is the key.”

Cromartie added that she’s received many messages from followers who have tried the hack with their own children. “They’re like, ‘It works!'” she said. “I think people are surprised. But it really does work.”

One person commented on TikTok, “This is helpful for when they are older because they just think to themselves that they need to take a run to relax instead of having the meltdown.” Another added, “Meltdown averted… and cardio. Goals.”

“Can someone do the zoomies when I’m having a melt down at work please!” another quipped.

Cromartie’s playful approach to gentle parenting offers a creative and fun way to handle toddler tantrums. By turning a potential meltdown into an opportunity for physical activity and laughter, she not only diffuses the immediate situation but also teaches her child a valuable coping mechanism for the future.

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