God Doesn’t See You as Ordinary, So Why do You?

Giving a cup of water to a stranger is an ordinary act, but giving a cup of water on Jesus’ behalf makes the act extraordinary. There is no such thing as an ordinary act, there is no such thing as an ordinary life, and there is no such thing as an ordinary purpose IF our actions, lives, and purposes are carried out on Jesus behalf.

The enemy wants us to believe that we can’t make a difference. Or that our purpose must be showcased on the world’s stage to be worth anything. But all Jesus wants from us is a willingness to step into the purpose He gives us to be blessed and multiplied.

When we compare ourselves to God, we are ordinary. But God doesn’t compare Himself to us because there is no comparison. He looks at us as His kids. We are the loves of His life. He wants good things and God things for us, and when He looks at us, He doesn’t see ordinary. He sees a masterpiece created on purpose with a purpose.

God doesn’t see you as ordinary, so why do you?

We have to change our way of thinking. Our battle with being ordinary exists in our minds — it is won there, and it is lost there. Sarah, the woman at the well, and several other women in the Bible argued with God because what they thought about themselves did not match up with what God thought about them.

If you believe that you have a God-given purpose, then you believe you have an extraordinary purpose and that God is going to use that purpose in an extraordinary way. You don’t get to call yourself a child of God who was formed in your mother’s womb with a God-given purpose, and then, in the same breath, call yourself and your purpose ordinary. You don’t get to tell God that His masterpiece is average. You don’t get to tell God that His plan for your life in not big enough.

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