I’m Praying For the ‘Someday Girl’ Who Will Take My Place as #1 In My Baby Boy’s Heart

3. I pray for her church and community.

I pray that she has people in her life that also are praying for her often. I pray for her church, that they will encourage her to look to Christ. I pray for the church leadership whose job it is to shepherd this family.

4. I pray that Adam and I will know her someday and love her like she’s our own from the moment we meet her.

I pray that someday I can tell her that I’ve prayed for her entire life.

It’s not because she has to be perfect or even about purity. It’s solely because if my heart thinks that there is someone out there who can someday love my little boy as much as I do, I want that person wrapped up in prayer. I want to start caring for her now.

Even so, son, I will gladly be your Valentine for as long as you need me. There is no rush. Xoxoxo


This post originally appeared at Broghan.com, published with permission.

Brohgan Dieker
Brohgan Dieker
Brohgan Dieker is a devout Christian, a wife, a mother, a dog owner. She blogs about savoring life through books and through time in the kitchen at Broghan.com.

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