I Used to Tell Girls “Modest Is Hottest”—Here’s Why I Was Wrong

I used to always tell younger girls modest was hottest…

One of my old articles for The Odyssey is going viral again currently…and in it I say “modest is hottest”.

Now, as I grow older I realize modest isn’t hottest.

I’ll be honest with you, completely honest: I still struggle with dressing modestly. This summer I have purposefully been trying to work on the way I dress. Last winter, I still had my favorite short leather skirt. Last month, I still had my favorite trendy crop top that was probably a little too cropped.

The problem with the typical modest is hottest talk is it is entirely untrue. It is false. Do not tell me modest is hottest when body-con dresses have been in for the past 4 seasons. Do not tell me modest is hottest when every summer they seem to make bikini bottoms smaller and smaller. WHY MUST THEY DO THIS???!! Do not tell me modest is hottest when I struggle to find one-pieces that don’t make me feel like my butt is hanging out.

Here’s the truth: trends say modest is not hottest. And if we took a poll and asked men what they thought, I bet 9/10 would say they prefer the girl with the shorter shorts, the crop top, and the itsy bitsy tiny bikini bottoms.

But we are called to seek the Kingdom. We are not called to seek attention. We are not called to seek fashion trends, or seek to show off the body we are given.

I am not here to tell you to dress modestly for men. If men want to lust, they will find someone to lust over. Both men and women need to work on self-control.

Dress modestly because you desire to seek God’s glory over affirmation from the world.

What I am asking you is “are you seeking to be hot?”

Last time I checked home-boy, Jesus did not call you to be hot.

He did not say, “here’s the ten commandments for being hot: commandment one, be modest.”

Grace Valentine
Grace Valentinehttp://gracevalentine.org
Grace Valentine is an author of best selling book “Am I Enough?” She also hosts a podcast called “I’m tired” and is a public speaker. You can follow her on her blog (hyperlink www.gracevalentine.org), twitter (hyperlink https://twitter.com/GraceV96), or instagram (hyperlink https://www.instagram.com/lemmebeyourvalentine/). Her main goal in life is that more women will realize the worth they have through Christ Jesus--and with Him and Him only we are enough.

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