Sadie Robertson Huff: ‘Our Generation Looks More Like Instagram Influencers Than Jesus Christ’

Sadie Robertson Huff is kicking off 2021 with some strong convictions for her fellow believers.

Speaking to some 500,000 people who tuned in virtually to this year’s Passion Conference last Thursday, the 23-year-old mom-to-be warned that today’s generation “looks more like Instagram influencers than Jesus Christ.”


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“We have a generation waiting to feel a sense of love … waiting to feel wanted by people gathering up to them instead of just gathering behind the King of kings and knowing that you’re wanted, knowing that you’re loved, knowing that you’re accepted because of what He’s already done for you,” she said, urging young people to seek their identity in Christ, rather than social media.

“We’ve got to stop obsessing over who is following us and obsessing over the one that we’re following.”

Sadie, who spent her teen years in the spotlight starring in her family’s hit TV show, Duck Dynasty, says that no amount of fame or likes or followers will ever fulfill our longing to be loved, cared for and noticed.

“If you’re following somebody, they are influencing you one way or another,” she stressed. “And that’s why we have a generation that looks more like the Instagram influencers than Jesus Christ because we’re following them first instead of Jesus Christ first.”

“I don’t have interest in following anybody who’s not leading me in the direction I want to go. And we need to take that really seriously.”

Jesus, and not social media, is the “only way to the Father,” Sadie said, adding, “It would be a shame if we spent more time thinking about when our 15 minutes of fame will hit than where we will spend eternity, and we spent more time following people leading us in paths that we did not have any interest in going down than following the Word of God.”

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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