‘The Search is Over’ — Sadie Robertson Delivers Powerful Sermon to More Than 65,000 Young Adults

Sadie Robertson welcomed the new decade with hubby Christian Huff and more than 65,000 young adults at Passion Conference 2020 this week.

The newly married Duck Dynasty star took to the stage at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday morning with a message to her peers about the One who will define their purpose in 2020 and beyond.

The 22-year-old challenged young adults on their means of searching for love and happiness.

“We’re sitting here with this and we’re scrolling and we’re scrolling, and scrolling,” Sadie says, holding her cell phone. “But we’re saying, ‘Oh yeah, we’re seeking love, we’re seeking happiness, we’re seeking peace, we’re seeking purpose.”

But through all of that scrolling and seeking, Sadie says we’re missing the One who generously gives all of those things.

“It’s who He is!” she says of the Lord.

In the 35-minute sermon titled “The Search is Over — We Found The Messiah,” Sadie says we often get lost in the “process” of love and finding our purpose.


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“‘Once I finish college, then maybe I’ll reach my purpose. Once I get to the top of my job, then maybe I’ll reach that purpose.’ We think that one day we’ll just magically show up.”

We overcomplicate things, and we make excuses for when we’ll finally be living out our purpose.

“When you find God, when you find love, you find your purpose,” she says.

Teaching out of the book of John, Sadie compares our often over-complicated process to the nonexistent process of following Jesus.

“They heard it was the Messiah [and] they followed Him. It was like, wherever Jesus was, they were magnetic. They followed Him,” she stressed. “You know, relationships nowadays a lot of times start by a follow. But there is a long process that goes from the follow to the actual commitment to being in a relationship with you. But here, there was no process. It was just like, ‘I’m just gonna follow you because you’re the Messiah.’”

Reflecting on her own relationship with Christian Huff, Sadie explained how following Jesus is so much less confusing than our typical human relationships.


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