What if We Traded Our ‘What if’s’ for ‘Even if’s’

Wow our world is in a whirl of “What If’s” right now.

Worst case scenarios, wild worries, bewildering unknowns.

Scary scenes of pending gloom loom heavy over our hearts.

What if…?

What if…?

What if…?

And we can beat that drum all day,

and fill in those blanks any number of ways…

But no matter how our imaginations get carried away,

there is no possible way that God will not still be on the throne at the end of today.

So, what if

we traded our What If’s…?

for EVEN IF’s…

and EVEN IF NOT’s…

Like the 3 Jewish boys, standing smack in the middle of a fiery furnace, who declared that God COULD indeed rescue them. Easily.

But, EVEN IF NOT, still they would trust him. Still they were His. Still they would not bow to another.



That pretty much covers it.

Even if you get “that” call.

Even if you hear “that” news.

Even if “that” never changes.

Even if God leads you to “that” place.

Even if you have______

Even if you lose______

Even if you don’t ______

Even if you do______

… fill it in however you choose…

Even then, you are secure.

Even then, you can know peace.

Even then, his hand will guide you.

Even then, he will never leave you.

What if, we exchange our “WHAT IF” worries for

EVEN IF stakes in the ground,

even if it is shaky quick sand.

Even still.

Even so.

Even then.

Even that.


We will trust Him. We will follow Him. We will hold onto Him with everything we’ve got.


“Where else would we go? You alone have the words of life.” (John 6:67)


Sarah Bourns
Sarah Bourns
Originally from Southern California, Sarah has lived in West Philadelphia, Redding, CA, Colorado Springs, and now New York City! Before joining pastoral staff at Hope Midtown, Sarah’s previous 15 years of full-time ministry included urban youth work, poverty and justice services, university discipleship, non-profit leadership, and missionary care. She is completing her Masters of Divinity in Inter-Cultural Studies at the Alliance Theological Seminary in Manhattan. Sarah loves Broadway, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Roosevelt Island tram, teaching, writing, neighboring, mentoring, drinking Turkish coffee, cooking for friends, and being on mission with Jesus in NYC!

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