10 Myths About Studying at a Christian College

Stereotypes abound in our culture. Ethnic, racial and gender stereotypes are damaging to our relationships and communities. Although religious stereotypes may be more widely accepted than most other stereotypes, they are also damaging to the culture and community.

Christian college is not immune to unfair characterizations; here are 10 common misconceptions about studying at a Christian college:

1. Christian college students are too stupid for REAL college. Christian college does not offer a second-rate education for students with low SAT scores. Christian college provides an environment with a stated worldview and philosophy as opposed to traditional college where there may be a variety of philosophies without a comprehensive overall atmosphere. The degree programs are no less valid than any other similarly accredited school.

2. Students get indoctrinated into ultra-conservative views. While Christian colleges are generally conservative, the student population is still young. This in itself lends to a more moderate to liberal bent while students consider Truth as well as social issues. Institutions of higher education are where students learn about life and make up their own minds.

3. Only sexist hypocrites go to Christian college. Following the Conservative myth are the other traveling companions Hypocrisy and Sexism. Traditional values may allow for fewer options for women, but women make up a significant portion of the Christian college student body. There are many opportunities for women presented at Christian colleges.

4. Female Christian college students are only after their “MRS” Degree. While many couples meet in college, there is no distinction between traditional and Christian colleges as to the number of marriages that occur. Christian colleges are filled with ministry-minded women and marriage-minded men!

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Staff Writer
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