To the American Mothers of Puerto Rico

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My dear Moms of Puerto Rico,

I am so sorry. For days after your island was historically devastated by the powerful Hurricane Maria, your fellow Americans argued loudly about the proper observance of our national anthem and cast only a side glance at your suffering.

It is inexcusable.

But make no mistake, you, my American sisters, are loved and cared for. Slowly but surely, your fellow moms here on the main land States have been rallying each other to help. We’ve been shouting about it on Facebook, we’ve been linking to ways to donate, we’ve been donating money, and we’ve been organizing supply drives. Finally, we are waking up and GETTING BUSY to come to your aid. Our children are raising money with lemonade stands and collecting much-needed hygiene supplies at their elementary schools.

Our college students are making their mamas proud, and rallying around the students from Puerto Rico who attend their universities. They are hosting fundraising and supply drives as well. Their optimism and energy will soon, oh so soon I pray, change your lives for the better.

It took these grassroots movements and some star power to get the media more interested in covering your story—and that is so, so wrong on many levels. But now that more people know of your desperation, the giving is rolling in and snowballing.

I can’t imagine the agony of your struggles, but I know the facts: you have no power, no homes, no refuge from the blistering sun, and very little food and drinking water. You have no possessions. You don’t have diapers for your babies. I wish I could snap my fingers and change this for you, but please know that help is ON the way. I pray that our government does right by you, but while I pray for that, I put my money where my mouth is. I donate food and supplies along with the other moms in my area, and I know this is happening ALL across our great country.

We LOVE you, we VALUE you as Americans and as moms, and we are GETTING BUSY helping you. You are not forgotten. You are far, but you are near to our thoughts and our hearts, and because thoughts won’t slake a thirst or diaper a tiny behind, you are also on our minds as we put an extra pack or two of diapers in our grocery carts, and as we donate online to larger funds.

Be strong, Mamas. I know you will rise to this most desperate of occasions. I know you will do what it takes to make a new life for you and your children. And I know I’ll keep talking about and doing something about your needs until it’s no longer necessary.

Much love from Ohio,


To assist victims in Puerto Rico, give to United for Puerto Rico (headed by the First Lady of Puerto Rico). You can find ways your local states and communities are helping here. PLEASE do your part, Mamas. Our fellow American mamas in PR NEED us. For even MORE options on how to give or help, check out this article from PBS.


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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor. You can find her at her blog, Mommin' It Up, or follow her on Twitter.

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