“Strict Parents Create Sneaky Children”—The Case for Setting Boundaries in My Home

“Strict parents create sneaky children.”

This is a common comment on my Facebook community and I’ll tell you it can cause you to second guess your parenting.

I believe that children need boundaries. Boundaries allow children to feel secure and protected.

Boundaries (rules) are not created to stifle a child or to cage them.

Some parents use rules in a dictatorship style in an effort to control their children. This is not parenting, this is controlling.

Other parents -like us- simply place boundaries so that a child knows where they are free to roam. These boundaries are intended to guide them along the right path until they are mature enough to make their own decisions.

Letting a toddler wander into the road is outrageous. We would all agree that is wrong. Giving a child unlimited internet access is absolutely just as dangerous. Yet, when we speak about that we are “invading their privacy” or “being control freaks.”

Fear of rebellion should never stop a parent from setting boundaries. I know rebellious children from families with lots of rules and from families with zero rules.

Relationships matter. Explaining to your child the dangers of the internet and discussing how to navigate the world we live in is imperative! Do not neglect the discussions.

I don’t want you to be afraid to set boundaries because people say silly things like “strict parents create sneaky children.”

Develop a relationship with your child where they know you love them- no matter what- but that you will always set boundaries.

“Strict parents create sneaky children.”

This is a common comment on this page and I’ll tell you it can cause you to…

Jenn Kish
Jenn Kishhttp://www.facebook.com/sprinklesinmycloset
Jenn Kish is a popular southern blogger, motivational speaker and Christian writer experienced in developing non-fiction narrative for a variety of parent-centric publications. She challenges women throughout the nation to do hard things daily. Jenn and her husband Jared are raising six children together in the mountains of North Georgia. When she is not blogging or working on her upcoming book, Jenn can be found hiding in her closet eating sprinkles.

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