Birth Flowers by Month: Symbolism and Significance

Flowers have been used for centuries to convey messages and emotions, with each bloom carrying its own unique symbolism and history. One of the most charming traditions is the concept of birth flowers, where each month is represented by one or more flowers. These botanical beauties offer a personalized way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant occasions. Let’s explore the birth flowers of each month, diving into their meanings and how they can be used to celebrate life’s special moments.

Birth Flowers by Month

January: Carnation and Snowdrop


The carnation, with its rich, fragrant blooms, represents love, fascination, and distinction. Available in a wide range of colors, each hue carries its own meaning, from deep reds signifying deep love and affection, to white symbolizing pure love and good luck.


The snowdrop, a symbol of hope and rebirth, is one of the first flowers to bloom at the end of winter, signaling the arrival of spring. It’s a perfect representation of resilience and the promise of new beginnings.

February: Violet and Iris


Violets signify virtue, modesty, and faithfulness. These delicate flowers are often associated with loyalty and are given to convey the message “I’ll always be true.”


The iris, with its striking appearance, represents wisdom, hope, trust, and valor. The flower’s various colors also convey different messages, with purple irises symbolizing royalty and wisdom, blue for faith and hope, and yellow for passion.

March: Daffodil and Jonquil


Daffodils, also known as Jonquils in some regions, are associated with rebirth and new beginnings. These bright, cheerful flowers are perfect for celebrating the first month of spring, symbolizing happiness and friendship.


Specifically referring to a type of daffodil, jonquils carry the same meanings of rebirth, new beginnings, and affection. They’re a reminder of the joy and happiness that friendship brings.

April: Sweet Pea and Daisy

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas symbolize blissful pleasure, goodbye, or thank you for a lovely time. They’re often used to express gratitude for a shared, pleasant experience.


Daisies convey innocence, pure love, and loyal beauty. They remind us of the simplicity and purity of true love, making them a perfect gift for someone special.

May: Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

Lily of the Valley

This delicate flower signifies sweetness, humility, and the return of happiness. It’s often associated with traditional celebrations of love and happiness.


Hawthorn flowers represent hope and supreme happiness. They’re used to convey the wish for a joyful life, making them an excellent choice for celebrating life’s hopeful moments.

June: Rose

Roses, with their unparalleled beauty, symbolize love, honor, faith, beauty, and wisdom. The color of the rose also affects its meaning, from red roses representing love and respect, to yellow signifying friendship and joy, and white for innocence and purity.

July: Larkspur and Water Lily


Each color variation of larkspur has a different meaning: pink for fickleness, white for happiness, and purple for first love. Overall, larkspurs signify love and strong attachment.

Water Lily

Water lilies symbolize purity and majesty. Aside from their breathtaking beauty, they represent rebirth and enlightenment, offering a profound message of life and celebration.

August: Gladiolus and Poppy


Gladiolus, known as the “sword lily,” symbolizes strength of character, sincerity, and moral integrity. They’re given to express admiration for someone’s strength and integrity.


Poppies have diverse meanings, including remembrance and consolation for loss, as well as rest and peace. Each color also carries its own significance, with red poppies associated with remembrance and white for peace.

September: Aster and Morning Glory


Asters symbolize wisdom, valor, and faith. The flower is also associated with the powers of attraction and a talisman of love.

Morning Glory

Morning glories represent love, affection, and mortality. Their fleeting beauty reminds us to cherish each moment and express love openly.

October: Marigold and Cosmos


Marigolds are associated with warmth, fierce love, and creativity. The vibrant orange and gold colors of marigolds make them a symbol of passion and creativity.


Cosmos flowers symbolize order, peace, and tranquility. They’re often used to convey the beauty of deep love and are perfect for expressing peaceful sentiments.

November: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums, with their wide range of colors and varieties, symbolize loyalty, honesty, and deep passion. Different colors convey different messages, from red for love to white for truth and loyalty.

December: Narcissus (Daffodil)

Narcissus, particularly associated with December, represents hope, wealth, and the desire for things to be just as they are. It’s a flower of reflection and self-admiration, reminding us to appreciate our own value.

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