10-Year-Old Boy Invents Device To Save Babies Left In Hot Cars


I’ve written ad nauseum about parents forgetting babies and toddlers in the car, leading to tragic hot car deaths, and it’s not because I’m casting judgment. Rather, as I’ve said repeatedly, I write about these things to warn parents that it can happen to ANY of us. None of us are perfect, all of us are susceptible to the mistakes that exhaustion, stress, and distraction lead to. And sometimes, those tragic mistakes are made by even the BEST of parents.

Despite his young years, 10-year-old Bishop Curry gets it too. Last year, after a baby in his very own neighborhood died in a hot car after being forgotten by a parent, Curry, who loves inventing things, sprung into action to solve this problem. The result? This innocuous-looking box, for which he already has a provisional patent.

Curry’s box is actually a fan that attaches to a car seat that both DETECTS if a child is still in the car seat when temperatures are rising AND a fan that blows cool air to cool the child until someone realizes that he or she is still in the car. Unlike devices which remind parents that their child is in the back seat, this device will save the child’s life by keeping them cool in case they ARE left behind in a hot car.

Bishop’s dad, also named Bishop, is an engineer and is very proud of his son’s innovation. “The cool thing about Bishop’s thinking is none of this technology is new,” he told his local newspaper. “We have things to alert our phone, we have ways to provide either cooling through a fan or through an air condition system. We have ways to detect weight. So none of it is new, so we feel like the way he’s thinking and combining all these technologies will get to production faster than if it’s something that is just a brand new type of technology.”

Since over a dozen children die in preventable hot car deaths in the U.S. each summer, I’m truly hoping Bishop’s device makes it to market, because I truly believe it WILL save lives, if not because it actually HAS to be used, but because just it’s presence may be enough to remind weary, distracted parents that they have a baby on board before they leave their vehicles to rush to the next thing on their to-do list.

Kids helping kids, I LOVE IT! Way to go, Bishop!! If you’d like to support Bishop’s efforts to get his product produced, check out his family’s GoFundMe here.


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