Parenting a Teenage Girl: 4 Important Things Every Mom Should Do

Being an amazing mom does not mean protecting your daughter from every disappointment and insecurity possible. It means equipping her with character, courage, perseverance, compassion, and integrity in the MIDST of frustration and insecurity. It also means helping your daughter to manage her own emotions and problem solve.  Yes, your daughter needs a relationship with you and sometimes disappointment and insecurities look like a threatening foe, but they can bring such depth to your relationship if you allow it.

Fight for your daughter to know that you have an ENDLESS capacity of love for her. Make sure she knows that there is no secret too hard for you to hear and no mistake too large to disqualify her from your affection. And when the time calls for it, become an expert in apologizing. These open lines of communication are worth the fight. And while you love her fiercely, show her that there is so much more to life than high school and that the ultimate goal is not just to be beautiful and popular. Teach her that it is okay to have a messy journey and that you, too, have walked the road of adolescence and prevailed.

These years are tough, but keep fighting the good fight. Your work as a mom matters more than you will ever know!


This article originally appeared at Girl Above, published with permission.

Krista Van Allen
Krista Van Allen
Krista Van Allen is a Denver native, a high school dance teacher, life coach, and the founder of  Girl Above. Girl Above is a nonprofit created to inspire young women to live counter culturally, authentically and passionately as a result of a solidified identity. Krista has a deep passion for young women and has created this organization as a means to address the current culture and what she has observed about its effects on the growing number of young girls that struggle with depression, insecurity, anxiety, loneliness, mediocrity, bullying, and misplaced identity.

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