A New Mom’s 10 Most Shocking Realizations—As Described By GIFs

Now we all know motherhood is a gift and that we wouldn’t trade it – or our precious, sweet babies, for ANYTHING in the world, right? RIGHT? (You’re supposed to smile and nod vehemently here, Mamas.) But still, many of us are surprised when we become first-time moms and not everything about motherhood is 100% sparkly, clean, and happy. I mean how could something you love SO much be so LOUD and GROSS at times, riiiight? RIGHT! To drive the point home, I decided to pair some of my most shocking “new mom moments” with some of Tina Fey’s best GIFs. After all, she’s one of the funniest moms around! You. Are. Welcome. And? I’d love to hear what you want to add to the list – we can always do part 2! I mean, I had so much fun writing this, I’m hoping that searching for Tina Fey GIFs is a full-time job somewhere. Ahem. Here we go!

1. When they show you the mesh “mommy diaper” they’re about to put on YOU, not on the baby, at the hospital after you give birth. 

Tina Fey Gif 3

2. When your milk comes in and you feel like you’re carrying around two bowling balls on your chest.

Tina Fey GIF 11

3. The first time you’re babywearing your precious infant and he has a poop blowout all over your Moby wrap. And your shirt. And your nursing bra. And your pants. And possibly your socks. 

Tina Fey Gif 8

4. The first time YOU have to poop after giving birth.

Tina Fey the Worst

5. When your sweet angel baby throws up IN YOUR MOUTH.

Tina Fey Gif 2

6. When you start nursing and your appetite returns with a vengeance and YOU NEED YOUR EXTRA CALORIES!

Tina Fey Gif 7

7. When your sweet NURSING angel baby GETS TEETH.

Tina Fey Gif 5

8. First time you try to leave the house with just you and the baby.


9. When you realize that your social life has gone the way of the buffalo.

Tina Fey Staying In More

10. And then you FINALLY get that first NIGHT OUT!

Tina Fey GIF 9

Thanks Tina, for helping us express our true comic feelings about the joys – oh the joys! – of those first few weeks of motherhood!

Now do me a fave and comment with the motherhood moments you want to see in the next post!

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