Congress Is Trying to Ban Child Sex Robots Imported By Pedophiles

child sex robots

Since I work on the Internet writing articles about parenting and for parents, I see and hear a lot of things that disgust or freak me out. AND YET. I am, apparently, still astonishingly naive. Because today when I read a headline from the California newspaper The Frenso Bee that said “Congress moves to ban child sex robots favored by pedophiles” I about FELL OVER DEAD.

Because apparently, THAT’S A THING. And I had NO IDEA.


Honestly, my heart SANK and I still, an hour later, feel sick to my stomach. What has HAPPENED to this world? I fear internet porn is destroying it, and the proliferation of child sex robots is certainly strong evidence to support that.

child sex robots

The Fresno Bee article explains why the government is getting involved to BAN the importing of these child sex robots into the U.S. from other countries – namely China, Japan, and Hong Kong.

The article says,

The U.S. House approved a ban Wednesday on the importation and trafficking of anatomically correct child sex dolls and robots that “normalize sex between adults and minors.”

The proposal was approved in the House by a voice vote and now moves to the Senate.

“These dolls can be programmed to simulate rape. The very thought makes me nauseous,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, a Virginia Republican.

I must say I 100% agree with Rep. Goodlatte here. The very thought of pedophiles acting out their fantasies on child sex robots is DISGUSTING, but as has been seen in case after case with sex offenders, soon the fantasy, even with a life-like robot (did I just TYPE THAT?? SHUDDER) become not enough to satisfy the pedophile. EVENTUALLY, nothing but the real thing will do, and pedophiles become PREDATORS.

New York congressman Dan Donovan agrees with me, saying “Once an abuser tires of practicing on a doll, it’s a small step to move on to a child. My bill takes necessary steps to stop these sickening dolls from reaching our communities.”

THIS is a bi-partisan bill in Congress that has 100% of my support! It doesn’t matter who you vote for on election day, all rationally-minded humans should realize that sex robots programmed to look and act like CHILDREN are an abomination!! I mean…right?

Once again, I can’t believe I’m typing these things!

Sex robots are made of flesh-like silicone material, and because of advances in artificial intelligence, can be programmed to have basic conversations and simulate different moods and emotions. So, pedophiles will be able to get an experience similar to raping a child, but there will be HELL TO PAY when that child sex robot become not quite lifelike enough for him or her. And it could be OUR children who pay that hell!

The bill to ban child sex robots is (and I LOVE THIS PART) called CREEPER.

CREEPER stands for for Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots Act.

I commend the men and women of Congress for going after this and keeping these horrific robots from being imported into our country. The battle against child pornography and exploitation is a terribly difficult one, but one that we must NEVER give up on!

As parents, there ARE things we can do to protect our children from child sex abuse and pedophiles. I strongly suggest you check out these two articles on our site as a starting point:

A Pediatrician’s Guide to Protecting Your Child From Sex Abuse

Prepare Your Child With a Sexual Abuse Fire Drill

As parents, we used to be afraid of telling our kids “too much too soon” about sex. But I tell you with absolute certainty my friends, these days there is NO SUCH THING as “too much too soon.” There is ONLY “too little too late.” If your child knows nothing about what sex IS and who should be DOING IT together, they may not know that something awful is happening to them until it is too late. Predators are cunning. They patiently wait and groom the child until the time is right. If your child knows that sexual touch is NEVER allowed between adults and children, they will be THAT much safer, and that much more likely to sound the alarm when someone makes them uncomfortable.

Moms and dads, email your Senators! Let the know you are so pleased that the bill to ban child sex robots has gone through the House of Representatives, and let them know that you and your voting self FULLY expect this bill to pass the Senate and be signed into law. Let’s help our legislators help protect our children from those who would USE and abuse them.


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