Best Friends of 30+ Years Become Grandmas Together After Their Kids Married Each Other

She says they continued to talk and stay friends after that as they had their entire lives. Luke would send Ashley pictures of what he was up to at his fraternity—many of which included girls he was taking on dates, and Ashley admits she was jealous. 

Meanwhile, Luke found himself comparing every other girl to Ashley. 

“That’s when I sort of realized that Ashley was the one I wanted to be with. She was the gold standard,” Luke told Today.

Two years went by and Ashley and Luke find themselves on their bi-annual family trip together. The same one their families have taken every two years their entire lives. 

At this point, both Ashley and Luke have shared with various siblings, and each others’ siblings that they both have feelings for each other. 

“I’m looking at him differently,” Ashley says, adding that it was “weird” to navigate these new feelings. 

Needless to say the siblings were not “playing it cool at all,” Ashley says. “They were very giddy, excited…more excited than we were about it,” she continues, adding that the two having feelings for each other was what both families had prayed for their entire lives.

But, much to their dismay, nothing happened between Ashley and Luke on that family trip. In fact, Ashley says they didn’t even talk to each other on the plane ride home because they were so “awkward.” 

The next day, something sparked in Luke. 

He knew his time was running out and decided to tell Ashley how he felt. 

In a Target parking lot, he confessed his feelings and asked if Ashley was there too or if he needed to move on. 

She shared in the sentiment, and the two have been together ever since (even though Luke left to go back to Auburn the next day.) 

In 2020, the couple got married, officially making the Wells and the Thomases family. 

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“It’s so funny because our sisters used to stage mock weddings. They’d put Luke in a tuxedo and make us kiss,” Ashley says, with a laugh. “They wished it into existence!”

Ashley is now 19 weeks pregnant with a girl, something her mom and Luke’s mom could not be more excited about. 

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