Best Friends of 30+ Years Become Grandmas Together After Their Kids Married Each Other

It’s every set of girl best friends’ dream: get married and have babies who grow up to marry each other and have more babies. 

For long-time best friends Toni Wells and Beth Thomas, that dream is now a reality. 

In 1994, the besties gave birth just four months apart. Beth gave birth first to a son named Luke. Toni followed suit four months later giving birth to a daughter named Ashley. 

Screengrab via TikTok // @ashwellsthomas

“We talked about them getting married from day one,” Beth told Today.

That dream actually came true four years ago when Luke and Ashley tied the knot. 

But in a now-viral TikTok video, Ashley Thomas revealed in February that after being best friends for nearly four decades, Toni and Beth were going to share a grandbaby. 

“POV: you and your bff of 30+ years are going to be sharing the same grandbaby,” Ashley wrote on a reel featuring old photos of the two moms. 

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The video cuts to the sweetest moment, when Toni and Beth learning for the first time that their kids were pregnant. 

“Our babies are having babies,” Beth says as the two share tears. 

After sharing several videos on TikTok with brief stories of their moms’ friendship and clips of Luke and Ashley growing up together, Ashley posted a 10-minute rundown of how the couple fell in love after growing up so close their entire lives. 

But don’t get too excited yet. Ashley says her and Luke definitely weren’t childhood sweethearts, joking that the romance would have actually been “incestuous.” 

“We viewed each other like siblings,” Ashley says. “Our families traveled together and spent holidays together. I considered Luke’s sisters my sisters.”

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Growing Up Together

Ashley says the kids grew up calling each other’s parents “aunt and uncle,” and the kids spent so much time together that they had to be separated in middle school because of how much they would fight and pick on each other—in true sibling-like fashion. 

After surviving the middle school years, Luke and Ashley entered high school together, where they naturally became part of the same friend groups, and continued to live much of their life together like siblings. 

“We went through high school telling people that we were related,” Ashley says, laughing about how weird people must have thought it was that the “cousins” got married years later. 

After going off to college in separate places—Ashley stayed in Florida while Luke went to Alabama to study at Auburn—the two found themselves on a trip together to visit Luke’s older sister in Washington DC. 

It was on that trip that Ashley says something shifted. Not only did they seem a little more flirty with each other, but Luke asked Ashley for the first time in 20 years if she’d ever thought about the two of them being together. 

Fearful of what would happen between their families if something didn’t work out, Ashley pretty much shot him down, telling him that she had thought about it, but wasn’t interested right now.

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