To My Daughter: I Want to Know Your Fears…and I’m About to Tell You Mine

To my daughter:

I have been waiting for you.

Since I was a little girl toting around a baby doll, I have been practicing to be your mommy. I have dreamed about reading you bedtime stories and tucking you in. Your perfect eyes and warm smile, I’ve pictured them in my mind countless times.

I’ve hoped for the special connection that would bond us together, unshakably. That we find the perfect balance between parent and friend.

I want to be the one who knows your secrets, and your dreams, and your fears.

I worry about the rough times, when you learn everyone isn’t your friend and some people are unnecessarily cruel.

I want to protect you from the evil in the world, but also prepare you for it.

I hope I can be the mother who teaches you kindness, patience, and forgiveness.

But most of all, I hope you are nothing like me.

I don’t want you to struggle to find yourself, like I did. I want you to be confident in who you are, and in the love and support you have from your family.

I hope you never feel the sting of being different, but rather embrace it, knowing that our differences are what make us beautiful and allow us to grow.

Jorrie Varney
Jorrie Varney
Jorrie Varney is a registered nurse and mother of two, who writes about the reality and insanity of parenting on her blog Close to Classy. She aspires to own furniture without stains, and enjoy a shower without an audience. You can follow her antics on Facebook and Instagram.

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