Dear Kids: I’m Not Afraid You’ll Fail—But Please Don’t Succeed

Dear Boys,

When you were young I had the typical mamma dreams for you both.

That you’d grow up to be smart, funny, become great athletes and be popular. I dreamed you would go to college, get a good job, own a nice house, have babies and be happily ever after.

Scratch that. I’ve changed my mind.

You see, I have this little fear as your mom and it’s not that you won’t succeed: It’s that you will.

Please hear me out.

You know I go to a lot of funerals, (being my best friend/mentor is 93.) and I have a lot of amazing elderly friends that are nearing their deaths.

I see a lot of walkers, canes and hear a lot about ailments. And here’s the thing I know to be true:

We are all headed there. No matter how much money and success you have, you will end up talking about your arthritis and wondering if you will end up in a home or praying the good Lord just takes you in your sleep.

As I sat in the funeral home the other night encompassed by bad grandma perfume, it hit me:

We have really been doing this whole thing wrong.

We teach our children to think forward, think about your future, plan this thing out. And here’s the thing, we explain you need to think about retirement in the practical aspect, but we don’t ask you important questions like:

What do you want your life to look like when you’re 85 and Jesus is pulling your number soon?

So, here’s my challenge for you boys: Think BACKWARDS. 

Think about the end of your life and plan and pray from there.

Holly Haynes
Holly is a self-proclaimed mess and says she is one of Jesus' ongoing patients. She also has two obsessions: A good book and sparkly, dangly earrings. She is a wife of eighteen years and a proud mom to two teenage sons. She has weekly bible studies and teaches teens, women, and couples. You can find her most days blogging in her notorious pink robe at on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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