Dear Teachers, Can We Add These 10 Life Skills to the Curriculum This Year?

Now that we are all at home as one happy family unit and we have accepted our roles of e-learning/hybrid learning or shorter school in-school days, I’d like to propose a few more classes for this school year – some life skills that will help us all get along at home. So here you go teachers, hope these make the schedule this year!

1. How to Close Doors Quietly At Night – This course covers if staying up past your bedtimes, can you please close the doors quietly as to not to wake up the actual family members who do enjoy sleep. You know, your new “make-shift” teachers.

2. Video Game Etiquette – When you choose to play games with your friends, do so with headphones on and limit it to an hour a day versus 5 pm to 2 am or whenever you fall asleep.

3. Advanced Putting Away Food Once Done – After you make a meal or snack, there is an empty dishwasher that accepts your dishes freely. Also, food items should go back in the fridge or pantry respectively.

4. How to Brush Your Teeth Now That You Have Adult Teeth – Advanced coursework will entail how to utilize your toothbrush to scrub your teeth twice daily. Because once you have no more baby teeth, you can’t afford to lose another set.

5. The Shower Versus The Bath – If you are over the age of todderlism, this class will teach you how to shower instead. Bath toys, bath crayons and Barbies are not geared toward the tween crowd. Once you are done showering, we will demonstrate how to take towels from bedrooms and hang them back in the bathroom. Plus, the class will teach how to wipe up the floor and turn on the fan.

6. How to Find Lost Items – If you are a GenX parent and you remember Sesame Street about retracing your steps? Then this class is a great one for your kids! It will teach them to find things like remote controls, cell phones and lost items of clothing. Plus, it stops the blame game of “hey mom, where did you put my phone?” or “Hey dad, why did you take the tv remote?”

7. You Have Chores, Remember? – As part of the family unit, everyone needs to pitch in. However, as e-learning time goes on kids soon forget the few tasks on their “to-do” list. So this Honors course will focus on chores like how to empty the trash, how to bring the laundry down to the machine and how to wipe counters down after consuming large quantities of snacks.

8. There are Pajamas, and Then You Change Out of Them – This is an AP course since it is a bit more challenging. This class will focus on the fact that you wear pajamas to sleep in and then you get up in the morning and take these off and put on new clothes. But you must remember these are clothes not on the floor nor in your hamper. But clean clothes from the closet or drawers.

9. Why Are The Lights Out? This will be a bit of a history lesson about Thomas Edison and his invention of the lightbulb. After we go into the inner-workings of how a lightbulb turns on, we will discuss how it burns out. So after this complex course is done, kids will understand if the lights are left on all night, the lightbulbs eventually burn out. So it’s best to turn off the lights when leaving a room.

10. No, The Couch, Floor and BeanBag Are Not Beds – While this is an optional course, we do recommend it. Beds have been around for a long time and they have been shown to be effective for sleeping. After this class is finished, your kids will learn that other sleeping arrangements are really not as comfortable as their unused mattress.

So we hope you will take these added “life skills” into consideration during your lesson planning this year!

Kristy Pepping
Kristy Pepping is a content supervisor at, a website that gathers recommendations from parents themselves for the best products, gifts, recipes, and local activities and events for families. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband and three kids.

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