The Secret No One Told Me About The Toddler Years

Everyone warned me about the toddler years. The terrible twos. The tantrums. The tears. The testing of boundaries. All the dramatics.

And right now, we’re in it. We have officially entered the toddler years. It’s fair to say that I have been thoroughly warned in every which way of the tantrums and the fits. It’s the demanding, independent, but also so needy, sometimes defiant, tantrum stage. You name it, it’s happening in this house. Most have told me this is the most “trying” stage yet.

But let me tell you a little secret about this “trying stage” we’re in right now.

This stage…this “terrible twos” stage?

It’s my favorite so far. It’s your daddy’s favorite, too.

Because it’s THIS stage where you first said the words, “lub you too, mommy.”

It’s this stage when you found the fun in wrestling daddy to the ground in the living room, laughter radiating throughout the entire house.

It’s this stage where you reach for mommy’s hand while watching cartoons, then turn towards her and give her a sweet smile.

It’s this stage where you grab daddy’s face and pull his entire body in for a kiss right on the lips.

Kaleigh Christensen
Kaleigh Christensen
Kaleigh is a former Kindergarten teacher, now Stay at Home Mom and Writer. She loves to authentically encourage others to find the beauty within the mess of motherhood. She writes about various topics, but her most common writings are about Motherhood, Parenting, Marriage, Faith, and Infertility. To read more of her writings on the daily, Like her Facebook Page and follow her on Instagram.

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