I No Longer Sit at Tables Where I Might be The Topic When I Get Up

I no longer sit at tables where I might be the topic when I get up.


I used to think that in order to belong I had to sit at that kinda table. ⠀

I used to think that this is “just how women are.” ⠀

I used to think that I just didn’t belong, that I wasn’t enough.⠀

DUDE, let me drop another mic with a little Brene Brown talk…⠀

“Our worth cannot be determined nor negotiated by other people.”⠀

So if you’re sitting at the table where the topic of conversation is someone else’s shortcomings, mistakes, imperfections flaws, or lawd the he-said-she-said gossip…⠀

I assure you that when you leave your seat, you’re likely the next topic of conversation.


WITH BOLDNESS I share this:

FIND A NEW SEAT at a table of women who straight up ARSENIO HALL-style root for their people to win. ⠀

FIND A NEW SEAT at the table with all the other not-quites and all the other never-get-it-rights…

FIND A NEW SEAT where confidence is served like cake, LAUGHTER is a side dish and conversation that raises the bar is the main course…and there is absolutely no room left on the plate to speak ill of others. ⠀

It’s true this kinda table may be rare, but I assure you there is always an open chair.⠀

Katy Urstahttp://katyursta.com
Hey all!  I am Katy Ursta married to my college sweetheart for 12 years, a mom of two boys, and a stage four cancer survivor. I started writing as a way of coping with my diagnosis, but found the more I shared about cancer, the more universal cancer became, and the more connected I felt to others and the less isolated I felt through the struggle.  I own a virtual health and wellness company and commit to helping my clients find a deeper motivation to fight for their own health. When I am not in the stands of my sons' hockey games, I am usually found folding the never ending piles of laundry, looking for the matching sock, breaking up hockey fights, or (let's just be honest) with my hand buried in the bag of chocolate, asking the question, "what do you want for dinner?"  You can find more of my work on Facebook, Instagram, or on my website.

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