Give Me the End of the School Year or Give Me Death

It has come to this, my friends.

There are 7 days left until the end of the school year —but I was done three weeks ago.

So my husband and I just washed all the necessary school uniforms x 3 kids for the next 5 days and they are just gonna live on the couch until the last day of school because I CANNOT EVEN.

I have lost the spelling word list. For the first time, I didn’t help my first grader study his words. Everyone say a prayer that the words are super-easy because homeboy is ON HIS OWN this week!

My 8th grader handed me a 6-page fiction story that needed to be proof-read last night at 10:20…AFTER I had already taken my sleeping pill.

Umm…either it was a fantasy story or my sleeping pills contain LSD. In any case, though I am an editor by trade, it was NOT my best proofreading work. Sorry, kid. “Survival mode” is the current status.

Sign my agenda. And the 7,000 permission slips *per child* for ALL THE FIELD TRIPS. The project is due tomorrow and I haven’t started. I need my “class shirt” washed for the field trip. Sack lunch, disposable water bottle, money for the teacher gift but SHH it’s a surprise so SNEAK IT TO THE ROOM MOM like an undercover CIA agent infiltrating a terrorist ring.


I work at home. Summer break is usually not my friend. However I am welcoming it this year like a postpartum mom welcomes yoga pants, because I swear to you if we have one more early morning hustle to get the details right for whatever SUPER-IMPORTANT end-of-the-year activity that is happening THAT DAY, Mount MamaSanity is gonna ERUPT.

Teachers, I love you. YOU ARE THE SAINTS OF THE WORLD. I know you are just as anxious to get to the finish line as I am.

Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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