Hysterical Video of First Pregnancy Vs. All Others Totally NAILS IT

The difference between the first pregnancy and all other pregnancies? This video of first pregnancy is pretty hilarious!

Sadly, I was never one of those moms who just LOVED being pregnant, but I have to admit that with the first one I WAS filled with excitement over every little thing. (Well, except the vomiting and projectile nosebleeds.) Still, I spent careful time reading up on “What to Expect,” getting excited about every doctor’s appointment, and oohing and ahhing over each addition to my unborn child’s layette or nursery. And then there was the repeated watching of that ultrasound video, too!

But, with my subsequent pregnancies, even though I was EXCITED about having another child, I no longer thought pregnancy was the most delightful thing ever invented. Wondrous? YES! Super-fun and exciting like it was the first time? Not so much! It’s a WHOLE different ballgame when you’ve got a toddler to try and hoist on and off the potty that you JUST threw up in…or when you make a run for the kitchen trash while toddler is taking their time on the porcelain throne and you can’t choke down your prego puke. #TRUTH

So, I MAY have LOLed REALLY hard at this video of first pregnancy from The Story of This Life, comparing your first pregnancy to “the rest.” From the SNEEZE, to the “tour of the nursery” to the trashcan hanging around Mama’s neck as she tries to keep her other two kids from destroying the house, this was SPOT ON and hilarious!

1st Pregnancy vs. the REST

My first pregnancy was VERY different from the rest of my pregnancies, haha… were any of these true for you?

Posted by Story of This Life on Friday, September 15, 2017

Does this video NAIL IT or what? I love the way the Andersons have poked fun at us here AND kept it really real at the same time. ALL of my children are equally loved, but there are A LOT of things you just “get over” after the first pregnancy, am I right? Thanks to the Story of This Life for this laugh today!

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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
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