I’m a Mom Who Hates Her Crock Pot

Last year, my husband overheard a friend excitedly telling me about her favorite slow cooker recipes, to which I replied, “I should try that.”

In response, he bought me a Crock-Pot for the holidays, which he thought I would love. The Crock-Pot remained unopened in its giant box in a corner of our kitchen until last month, when my husband finally opened it himself and cooked up a hearty stew. Now he loves the Crock-Pot.

But I hate it.

Before all of you enthusiasts start falling over yourselves with shock, thinking I can’t possibly know the joys of a slow cooker without having used one or without having tried your super-easy and delicious recipes or without having tasted your slow-cooked balsamic chicken, just stop it right now. I know your chicken “literally falls off the bone” but I hate the Crock-Pot, OK? And here’s why:

It makes me feel lazy: The more I hear about how simple it is to cook a healthy, delicious meal for my whole family, the lazier it makes me feel.

“It’s so easy,” everyone keeps telling me. But anything that adds work to my morning isn’t easy for me. It requires chopping and washing and recipe-following, and by the time I’m done making four breakfasts, untying knotted shoelaces, wiping little faces, finding missing gloves and breaking up the morning fights, I don’t want any part of that. You know what’s easy? Nuggets.

Jackie Goldschneider
Jackie Goldschneider
Jackie Goldschneider is a freelance writer and master carpooler with a degree in picking green things out of food. She's a newspaper columnist, a blogger for the Huffington Post and has been published on PopSugar, Scary Mommy, Blunt Moms and Your Tango. She also a mom to TWO sets of twins! Follow her blog at intothemommybrain.com and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/miniv anmusings/?ref=aymt_homepage_ panel

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