Healing After Child Loss: Moms Pay Tribute to the Journey With Stunning Rainbow Baby Photo Shoot

Fortunately, the Lord knows just what we need, and when we need it.

Over the next five months, Alicia formed an incredible bond with five of the other Baltimore moms—some of whom had their own experience with pregnancy loss in the past.

When Charlie was born in August 2017, she instantly had five forever friends who were all born within a month of one another. Friends whose mamas had showered Lewis in an outpouring of love and support.

This year, as a celebration of their babies’ first birthdays, the six moms coordinated a multi-baby, rainbow-themed, cake smash photo shoot captured by local photographer, Jessica Carr.

rainbow baby

“We all wanted to celebrate making it one year with our babies together,” Lewis told TODAY Parents. “When I met these women, I felt broken and like a failure as a mom because of what happened with the death of Frankie — talking to them helped me fix myself and be strong during my pregnancy. As our children have grown together, they’ve been there for me in my grief journey.”

Not only was the photo shoot a mark of healing and friendship, but it held a special place in photographer, Jessica Carr’s heart as well.

Having experienced late-term pregnancy loss herself, Carr was in love with the idea of what these moms wanted to do with their babies.

“It is truly hard in today’s world where mom-shaming is a very real thing, and pregnancy and infant loss caries its own stigma,” Carr explained. “Seeing how these women have bonded together is awe inspiring — at the end of the day, all you really want is to know someone else knows exactly where you’re coming from. These ladies are mom-tribe at its finest.”

rainbow baby

The rainbow baby photo shoot featured each baby representing a different color of the rainbow—sporting everything from tutus to hair bows to bow ties in their designated color.

Lewis says the rainbow baby shoot was fitting, as she’s not the only mom in the “tribe” who’s lost a baby. She says having this group of “mommy friends” has been so healing for her throughout this journey.

“When Charlie was born, I finally felt like I could breathe after 10 months,” said Lewis. “She was here, healthy and everything was going to be OK, but the first year of her life has still been difficult transitioning from one to two children and still grieving the death of Frankie.”

rainbow baby

Lewis says she hopes the moms and their babies can continue growing, loving and supporting one another for years to come.

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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