3 Lies That Keep Us From Choosing Rest

While mowing the lawn last summer, I moved the wrong way and felt an ominous pop in my lower back. The next moment I was hobbling to the kitchen for ice packs, ibuprofen, and a muscle relaxer.


“I can’t afford this right now,” I told my husband through tears. It’s a lament I repeat each time I wake up with a scratchy throat, or when that pressure at the base of my skull starts creeping toward migraine status.




By “this,” I mean slowing down. Resting. Letting my body heal from whatever compromised it in the first place.

Alison McLennan
Alison McLennan
Alison McLennan is a recovering perfectionist and stillness seeker who longs to speak grace into the lives of weary moms. She offers a safe space for women to be authentic about anxiety, shame, and spiritual burnout, believing that transparency is the first step toward healing. A wife and mom of three, Alison lives in Lancaster, PA, where she juggles family, business ownership, and writing through the sustaining power of Jesus Christ and artisan coffee. Connect with Alison and her journey toward a rested life at www.AlisonMcLennan.com.

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