To the Heartbroken Mom Whose Child Isn’t Choosing Jesus

When our son Luke was 6 he asked if Santa was real. Luke was our 3rd child. His older brother and sister were already privy to the truth.

So I knew he knew.

I did the little bit about the real Saint Nick and why we do what we do.

Yada. Yada. Yada.

And Luke, being all Luke said a very Luke thing:

Did you lie about Jesus too?

Needless to say, with our younger children… we aren’t into Santa.  And I am not saying you shouldn’t do the whole Santa thing, but our two younger sons are adopted. I can’t have anything between us that makes them not trust me.

The “original” batch of our biological children range in age from 14-21. One is engaged, one joined the Marines, yesterday. The “new batch” of kids is four, two, and one.  Friday as I worked on book edits, I could hear my mommy helper, Bobbi, singing Jesus songs and telling them the Nativity Story.  For a moment my heart ached and I took time out to have a good cry.

Outside my protective reach, “the Originals” are coming of age in a whole new age. Things are much different than I would have imagined when we began our parenting journey.  I did everything I could to be a “good Christian mommy.”

Yet, tis the season to become your own person.

And I don’t believe that Santa caused disbelief… but some say they don’t believe, or they “just aren’t sure.”

That’s not why I am crying.

I raised a lady-baby that will soon be a wife-baby. I raised a man-baby that will soon be a Marine-baby. I poured into them and loved every aspect of the journey… well except for the 13th year of any given life, which is like a yearlong root canal while sitting on a Lego in an itchy sweater. And of the original-babies I know they know I love Jesus. And I know they remember the songs and the stories. I feel certain they know my Jesus.

They couldn’t have been raised under this roof and not known Him.  I talked about Him and sang about Him. I answered their questions, always with a nod to Him.

And I am not singling out any one of the young adult babies, but I am talking to you moms of young adult babies who are grief stricken or worried about a season of unbelief.

You did a good job.

At your very worst, you told them the truth of the Cross.

They watched you pray.

They saw you praise.

They heard your prayers.

They know the Truth.

Jami Amerine
Jami Amerine
Jami Amerine is a wife, and mother to anywhere from 6-8 children. Jami and her husband Justin are active foster parents and advocates for foster care and adoption. Jami's Sacred Ground Sticky Floors is fun, inspirational, and filled with utter lunacy with a dash of hope. Jami holds a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences (yes Home Ec.) and can cook you just about anything, but don't ask her to sew. She also holds a Masters Degree in Education, Counseling, and Human Development. Her blog includes topics on marriage, children, babies, toddlers, learning disabilities, tweens, teens, college kids, adoption, foster care, Jesus, homeschooling, unschooling, dieting, not dieting, dieting again, chronic illness, stupid people, food allergies, and all things real life. You can find her blog at or follow her on Facebook at or Twitter at, and check out her Jubilee Road Podcast.

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