Mom Gets That “Feeling” When Her Son Is at His Girlfriend’s, Hops In the Car In Her PJs

mother's intuition

As a mom for over fourteen years now, I realize I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve also already learned a LOT in my parenting journey. One lesson I’ll preach over and over again is that we as moms need to listen to our mother’s intuition — a gift God gave us that is extraordinarily priceless. Mine has alerted me to problems and issues with my kids several times in their younger years, given me hope during their struggles, and yelled TRUTH at me when I was doubting my parenting. As a parenting writer, I’ve read countless stories of moms who followed their mother’s intuition and went with their gut and ended up saving their kid’s lives, either by insisting on medical intervention, by keeping a seemingly “harmless” person out of their kids’ lives, or by showing up before their child was able to make a life-altering decision.

mother's intuition

God gave us mother’s intuition for a reason. It’s as simple as that.

Yesterday when I was perusing Facebook, I came upon an article by Mindy Gallagher, an editor at Your Teen Magazine. The title intrigued me, so I clicked on it, and was treated with a mother’s intuition story that just confirmed my belief in “going with your gut.” In the brief article, Gallagher describes how one night when her husband was out of town for work, she’d given her 16-year-old son permission to go to his girlfriend’s house. “Not an unusual request,” explains,  “and after being assured that her parents (whom I know and trust) would be home, the answer was, ‘Sure, have fun.’”

Gallagher got in her PJs and settled in for a night of Netflix all by herself (ah, the coveted ALONE TIME for a mom!) But before she could relax, her mother’s intuition suddenly snapped to attention. She says,

About an hour later, in my pajamas, with a bowl of ice cream in one hand and the remote in the other, I headed for the couch. Out of the blue, I remembered that the parents of one of my son’s friends were out of town for the weekend. “Hmmm. No they wouldn’t go there. Right? Also, I have never felt the need to check up on my kids, so why now?”

The answer to “Why now?” proved to be “Because my mother’s intuition wouldn’t let up!” Gallagher says that, unable to ignore the feeling, she hopped in her car, still wearing her PJs, and drove to the friend’s house. She reassured  herself on the drive there that she was “just being stupid” and that there was no way her son’s car would be in front of his friend’s house when no parents were at home.

But of course, when she pulled up to the house, there it was. “My heart sank,” she says. She’d been lied to. As “anger took over the pit in my stomach,” she says, she hatched a plan.

First, she called her husband, just to make sure the plan wasn’t too outlandish. Always good to check yourself before you wreck yourself when you’re mad at your kid, after all. When he heard the plan, her husband said, “Go for it.” I’ll let Gallagher tell you what happened next.

Text to my son: “I can’t find my wallet, hoping I left it in the car—can you go check?”

Son: “You want me to check now?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Son: “Ok, hold on a sec.”

And out he came—was there a spring in his step? Was he thinking, This is great. Mom thinks I am such a good son, answering right away, doing as she asks—and all the time, here we are at this fun party. No one knows we are here, without parents having a … “MOM?!?!” And there I was in the moonlight, arms folded, PJs on, waiting.

The party was over.

Oh, SNAP! Mother’s intuition for the win! That’s where Gallagher’s story ends — and we really don’t need to know the outcome or the punishment her son faced for lying to her. This article isn’t about shaming a teen, it’s about reinforcing the importance of listening to your mother’s intuition. Who know what might have happened if Gallagher hadn’t intervened that night? Maybe nothing…but maybe SOMETHING. After all, I’m sure more than a few teen lives have been forever altered at a no-parents house party, and she did him a favor by not letting him get away with lying to her.

So for all you mamas out there who think you worry too much…well, maybe you do. I know I do. But I also know the difference between needless worry and that NAGGING feeling in my gut that something isn’t right with my kids, and you know what? I’ve never ONCE regretted listening to it.

Trust your mother’s intuition, Mamas! It’s one of the ways God has equipped you to be EXACTLY the mom your kids need.

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