Mom Gets That “Feeling” When Her Son Is at His Girlfriend’s, Hops In the Car In Her PJs

Son: “Ok, hold on a sec.”

And out he came—was there a spring in his step? Was he thinking, This is great. Mom thinks I am such a good son, answering right away, doing as she asks—and all the time, here we are at this fun party. No one knows we are here, without parents having a … “MOM?!?!” And there I was in the moonlight, arms folded, PJs on, waiting.

The party was over.

Oh, SNAP! Mother’s intuition for the win! That’s where Gallagher’s story ends — and we really don’t need to know the outcome or the punishment her son faced for lying to her. This article isn’t about shaming a teen, it’s about reinforcing the importance of listening to your mother’s intuition. Who know what might have happened if Gallagher hadn’t intervened that night? Maybe nothing…but maybe SOMETHING. After all, I’m sure more than a few teen lives have been forever altered at a no-parents house party, and she did him a favor by not letting him get away with lying to her.

So for all you mamas out there who think you worry too much…well, maybe you do. I know I do. But I also know the difference between needless worry and that NAGGING feeling in my gut that something isn’t right with my kids, and you know what? I’ve never ONCE regretted listening to it.

Trust your mother’s intuition, Mamas! It’s one of the ways God has equipped you to be EXACTLY the mom your kids need.

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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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