Summit Student Conferences: Our Family’s Experience

Several years ago, just before our two middle daughters, Rachel and Rebekah, started college, we sent them to a two-week-long Summit Student Conference. They loved it so much that one of them applied (and was hired!) to work there once she’d graduated from nursing school.

We sent her younger brother Daniel to Summit last summer while Rebekah was serving on staff as a camp nurse. And were we both ever happy to see her after she’d been away from home for a couple of months!

Siblings Reunited at Summit Student Conferences
Images courtesy of Jennifer Flanders

I’ve fielded lots of questions in the past from parents who know we sent our teens to Summit and are interested in enrolling theirs. So I’m dedicating this blog post (at Summit’s request) to answering those FAQs here, all in one place. Curious to know what Summit Student Conferences are all about? Read on for our family’s perspective.

Why Summit Student Conferences?

In an age where 70% of professing Christians abandon their faith during the college years and only 4% of teens and young adults hold a biblical worldview, it is more important than ever for our kids to be firmly grounded before we send them out into the world.

Summit can help.

Jennifer Flanders
Jennifer Flanders
Jennifer Flanders is a homeschooling mother of 12 and grandmother to 20. She and her husband of 35 years live in the piney woods of East Texas, where she shares lots of homeschooling tips and free printable resources at An award-winning author, she also blogs on faith and family at

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