WATCH: Dads Behind Bars Hold Their Kids for the Very First Time

behind bars

Scottie Barns’ dad was a convicted drug dealer, and she’s never even been told “I love you” from him. He spent most of his life locked up, so Scottie knows the deep-rooted pain associated with growing up without a father.

That’s why she decided to create this prison ministry program called “One Day With God,” where children get to spend the day with their dads in prison. Many may question, “Why do these convicted murderers and felons deserve to see their kids?”

But Scottie offers the sobering reminder that it’s the children who are the silent victims. It’s one thing to punish the parent, but their kids don’t deserve to pay for the sins of their fathers.

Watch these remarkable encounters as some of these little ones lay eyes on their dads behind bars for the very first time!

A Shared Sentence

Presently, over 2.7 million children in the U.S. are separated from at least one parent who is serving jail time. The incarceration of a parent can be just as harmful to a child’s well-being as abuse or domestic violence. Thankfully, there are organizations out there who are committed to supporting those left behind.

We Got Us Now, is a movement built by, led by, and about children and young adults impacted by parental incarceration.

Children of incarcerated parents often face unique challenges and stresses. Their families become destabilized and often face financial disasters.

It’s the support of organizations like We Got Us Now that are committed to seeing these families succeed and thrive, through life behind bars and beyond.

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