A Prayer for the New School Year

The start of school brings me to tears because I’m letting go, walking into the unknown with our girls, nervous about what the year holds.

The end – not just of summer – but a season of life that we’ve known makes me cry too.

Both are sacred.

God starts the Bible with “In the beginning.” Jesus ended His ministry with “It is finished.”

God is certainly in the messy middle we call daily life yet He highlights His character by teaching us that He is the First and the Last.

Why do I believe that beginnings and endings have such great power? I believe that God is there, and that He relishes them very much.

Here is a prayer for your beginnings, your endings, and the new school year.

Dear Father,

When the sadness and fear of dropping off my child at a new school or a new grade threatens to overwhelm, remind me that You see my tears and cry alongside of me. You don’t scold me and say that my tears are silly. You simply sit next to me in the sacred silence of togetherness.

When the ache of my daughter/son’s new chapter continues to grow, be my comfort. When I think of my child leaving for college and the regret of what I should have said or done but didn’t screams in my soul, be my reminder that You parented my child too and that Your grace is sufficient. When I wonder if I said enough, if I did enough, and if I prepared them well enough, whisper to my heart that You alone are enough.

It doesn’t matter if I took her to her kindergarten class, dropped him off in the carpool lane, sent her off to boot camp, or unloaded a U-haul for his dorm, may I remember that my child is in Your hands. There is nothing that You do not see, hear or notice.

You love my son/my daughter God more than I do. You are with them when I can’t be. You are their protector and provider. Allow me to rest knowing that my child is always in the palm of Your mighty, never-failing, always-gentle hand.

I love you Jesus. Amen.

Jill McCormick
Jill McCormick
Jill McCormick is the writer behind jillemccormick.com, a blog where she shares common-sense grace with the try-hard girl. Jill’s married to her high school sweetheart Ryan. They live in South Texas with their two daughters, born 18 months apart. Most days you’ll find her with a book in her hand or a podcast in her ears. She starts and ends everyday with sprinkles: on oatmeal for breakfast and on ice cream for dessert.

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