Breastfeeding While Working From Home During the Pandemic

As a society, we’re beginning to realize the undeniable benefits of breastfeeding – from building stronger immune systems and providing optimal nutrition for growing infants, to lowering the risk of certain health conditions in both mother and child. 

But breastfeeding itself is not always an easy task, especially when it comes to maintaining your professional career at the same time. It can be time consuming, energy draining, isolating, and even unpredictable. However, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, recent studies have shown that approximately 40% of women indicate an increased commitment to providing breast milk to their babies and 25% are breastfeeding or pumping more now than prior to the virus. 

Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Jordan is the Director of Mom & Baby at Aeroflow Healthcare, a durable medical equipment provider that has provided breast pumps through insurance to hundreds of thousands of women. A working and once-breastfeeding mom, Jennifer - along with her team - is committed to supporting all moms on their breastfeeding journey through support, education, and exceptional customer service.

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