The Prince and His Princess

She will never forget this day, Daddy.⁣

Your adventure started at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.⁣

First, she had to pick a dress.⁣

When they showed her Elsa’s winter Frozen adventure dress, she beamed.⁣

I know she felt like such a big girl.⁣

They led her back to a giant pink chair made for a queen.⁣

It was her first time getting her hair and make-up done.⁣

They painted her nails a soft sparkly white, and she said aloud, “I’m a big girl now!”⁣

The best part was yet to come.⁣

She closed her eyes and made a wish.⁣

Everyone said “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” and spun her around!⁣

There you were, dressed like a prince!⁣

It was the sweetest surprise for her.⁣

“Daddy, you did this for me?” ⁣

Her mama could not help it and shed a few tears.⁣

You walked her around Magic Kingdom and made her feel so⁣ very special.⁣

I will never forget how you held her hand.⁣

Opened doors.⁣

Kissed her cheek and her hand.⁣

Things you do each day, but oh so extra on this day.⁣

She was over the moon to hug you in front of Cinderella’s⁣ Castle.⁣

You made sure everything was perfect for your little girl.

She was treated to breakfast with the princesses, and you took her to meet the Fairy Godmother.⁣

On the Dwarf Mine Train coaster, she held up her hands, strong and unafraid.⁣

People in the park could not believe that you dressed like a prince.⁣

They called you Daddy of the Year.⁣

So many stopped to make a comment or take a picture.⁣

What they don’t know is that you make her feel loved every day.⁣

This day was just an extension of what you do each day for your girls.⁣

She will never forget this day, Daddy. Thank you for all you do.⁣

(The trip described here took place in January 2019).


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Aliette Silva
Aliette Silva
Aliette Silva is a mom and a writer that lives for a good Cuban sandwich. Her work has been featured in Today Parents, Her View from Home, Filter Free Parents, The Real Deal of Parenting, and Scary Mommy. She writes posts, shares stories, and snaps pictures of the daily mama grind. When she is not writing, you can find her chasing sleep or her two girls all over Disney World. You can connect with her at: Instagram: @shepensblog Facebook:

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