I Refuse to be My Kids’ Fun Coordinator — And You Should Too, Mama

And, admit it. Kids are better at having fun than we are. I climb on my bathroom counter and pluck stray hairs when I want to have a good time, or I sit quietly in my car…like, I just sit there and literally do nothing, and they do things like use a laundry basket as a canoe and fish for sharks in the ocean using curly ribbon and shoes.

They win at knowing how to play every time, so never let yourself fall into the trap of feeling guilty for letting them do it.


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Amy Weatherly
Amy Weatherly
Amy Weatherly loves bright lipstick, graphic tees, and Diet Dr. Pepper a little more than she probably should. Most days, you can find her in sweatpants and earrings the size of her face shuffling kids back and forth like a crazy person. Her family is her home. Her friends are her safe space. And her passion is helping women find courage, confidence, and the deep-rooted belief that their life has a deep and significant purpose if they will just find the courage to live fierce and love free. You have probably seen her face on The Today Show website, MSN.com, Good Morning America, Yahoo.com, Love What Matters, Focus on the Family, and of course, her own social media pages. She was also named one of the Top 20 Mom Bloggers to follow in 2018 by MomCafe. Make sure to come follow her on Facebook.

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