WATCH: Young Girl Hired as ‘Expert’ to Teach Adults How to Stay Alive in Active Shooter Situation

March For Our Lives, the anti-gun violence organization started in 2018 by survivors of the Parkland school shooting, released a harrowing video, giving the internet a chilling look into the survival skills our children are forced to learn in case of an active shooter.

It’s shedding light on the growing need for lockdown drills across America. 

“If there were an active shooter, you’d all be dead,” a young girl named Kayleigh, informs a group of adults gathered for an all-company training.

Kayleigh, who is introduced to the group as an “expert” in active shooter drills, explains the do’s and don’ts of a lockdown.

“When you talk out loud, the shooter can tell where you are and where you’re hiding,” she continues. “Sometimes we play the game ‘who can stay quietest the longest’ so we all remember.”

The video, called “Generation Lockdown” is part of a greater effort to support the passage of Senate Resolution 42, the Background Check Expansion Act. The belief is that the law would close dangerous loopholes in gun sales, and make it so that our children can spend less time practicing how to stay ALIVE while at school.

“You can try and protect your friends by pushing the tables and chairs against the door,” Kayleigh explains. “You also have to put a piece of paper over the door window so they can’t see in. And you can’t cry. It gives away your position and your hiding spot.”

The more insight Kayleigh gives to just how expert-level she is when it comes to active shooter drills, the more uncomfortable this group of adults becomes. Some can be seen crying, while others appear utterly flabbergasted at the survival training this fourth grader has been taught. Not out of desire to learn, but out of sheer NEED to know.

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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