Mom’s Hilarious Vow About Target Drive-Up Service Is SO Relatable

Ah, Target, a shopping haven for moms everywhere, AM I RIGHT? I mean, I hardly know a mom who doesn’t adore strolling those red-and-white aisles while sipping on a coffee from the Target Starbucks with her kids safely strapped into the cart within an inch of their little lives. Or better yet, a mom who doesn’t love strolling those aisles SOLO when she gets the rare break from her motherly duties. Since Target undoubtedly knows their target (see what I did there?) audience, it was no surprise to me when they started offering Target drive up service where you can order online, park, and have your stuff delivered to you. After all, moms are going crazy for these types of services at grocery stores like Kroger and Walmart.

But Target, I’ve got news for you. The reason we LOVE those services at other stores is because we HATE going inside those other stores. But Target, we adore coming inside your store. You’re our one and only retail BAE. So, I’m sorry not sorry, but Target drive up service is DEAD TO ME.

And, I’m not the only one! I DIED laughing and then shook my fist in solidarity when I read this hilarious Facebook post by mom Rachel Sarhalar on this very topic of Target drive-up service. She posted it August 1, but I didn’t see it until yesterday, which is shocking to me because it’s been shared over 11,000 times by like-minded mamas! To express her feelings about Target drive up service, Rachel posted the photo below and said:


Photo: Rachel Sarhalar/Facebook

Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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