Welcome to Motherhood. You Belong Here.

Wake up at an ungodly hour,

spray a generous amount of dry shampoo in your jungle of hair,

feed the wild things,

wash peanut butter off the walls for the third time,

start a load of laundry that you will never finish,

kiss a boo-boo,

break up a fight,

make a meal that everyone is going to complain about,

pick up the socks,

change another booty,

pick up toys,

pay the bills,

vacuum up the crumb,

wave at your husband as you pass him in the night,


Welcome to motherhood — where all of your sanity goes to die, and everyone cries because someone is looking at them. You will cry a lot here, but most of the tears will be because you never knew your heart could love this place so much. It’s hard at times, very hard, but you will become a warrior here, and you will never be the same again. And don’t worry, we all lose our patience at times. Don’t beat yourself up over a bad moment.

I am struggling to be the glue, I’m tired and stretched so thin, but those tiny feet that run to me every moment of the day think I am the coolest person they have ever known. They find comfort in my voice and safety in my arms. Yes, it’s going to be hard momma, and you will question whether you ever were supposed to be apart of this club — but you do belong here, and your village will carry you in these hard days.

Do you need a village? A support group? Someone to cry with? A listening ear? Welcome to mine, momma!


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Ashleigh Beaver
Ashleigh Beaverhttp://matriarchsandmaids.home.blog
My name is Ashleigh and I live in North Carolina. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have two sweet babies. We lost two other children last year due to a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy. I began to write as a way to process and it turned into my passion. I love to write about the daily struggles, joys, and life of a mother and a wife.

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