I’m the One Who Notices We’re Out of All the Things


There are five, or four, or seven people in your house,

But there is only one who knows all the things.

Or maybe ‘notices’ is a better word.

Knows, notices, makes a mental note, inventories…

It’s part of your role in the family.

But wow, it would be nice to share this burden of all-knowingness,

Wouldn’t it?


You know what size shoe your daughter wears and the kind of elastic waist

That your son won’t dare put on his body.

You notice when the cereal is getting low and

You know how many loaves of bread are left in the freezer.

You know where your tween’s Nintendo DS charger is

Where his jeans are

Where his Iron man t-shirt,

Harry Potter book,

Tennis shoes,

And hair gel are located.

He has no idea, but you know.


You know where to buy the strawberry toothpaste,

The only kind your kindergartener will tolerate.

You know how many hot dogs he’s had this week,

When he last took his vitamins


What will make him break out into a grin.


You know that look on your daughter’s face,

The one, the ONE

That means she’s not okay,

Even when she says she’s okay.

You know how to get it out of her,

The problem, the fears,

You know how to tell her hard truths while still

Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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