5 Things I Learned After I Lost a Friend to Suicide

5 Things I Learned After I Lost a Friend to Suicide

  1. Do not blame yourself. There was nothing YOU did that would have caused someone to harm themselves.
  2. Never judge anyone. We all have our demons, just some are more visible than others.
  3. Always be kind. You never know when someone needs encouraging words, an ear to be heard or even just a smile from you.
  4. Show support to their family and friends. They need it and not just right after the tragedy.
  5. Share their story! We have to keep their memory alive. Others WILL learn from their struggles and pain. Sharing their story may save someone’s life.

Everyone has a story to tell and a story worth sharing!

***A shorter version of this article originally appeared at 30seconds.com.

Lindsay Gerszt
Lindsay Gerszt
Lindsay Lipton Gerszt is a film producer and former music industry professional in California. In 2007, she stepped back from the music industry to begin her family. It was at this stage in her life that she came face to face with postpartum depression. She has now committed herself to raising awareness for PPD, it's many faces and the path to a healthy life and family. Her commitment to PPD has included working on the important documentary...When The Bough Breaks-a documentary about postpartum depression. This work has included fundraising, producing and telling her story, along with helping other women tell their story. This work has become her passion.

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