Dear Woman Who Thinks Your Great-Uncle Grabbing Your Butt Was No Big Deal

So . . .

Dear woman who thinks your great-uncle grabbing your butt and saying nice things about your bottom was no big deal: Your great-uncle molested you. You have minimized it for yourself because that’s something we survivors tend to do. But I guarantee you would not minimize it if he or somebody else’s great-uncle did it to your pre-teen daughter or the neighbor kid down the street. Your *no big deal* would be a very big deal to them.

It would be their #MeToo.


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Laura Haines
Laura Haines
Laura loves sharing God’s message of big grace to world that has trouble grasping just how big “limitless” really is. She is happily married to her hubby of 25 years, and blessed with two beautiful-sweet daughters, each who have ensured the second-half of her life is good and more than good. Laura’s writing comes out of the well of her broken childhood, her still messy present, and the redemption she sees God bring to even the deepest-darkest. She knows that some experiences shatter you, but God can redeem them anyways. Redeem you too. God is good that way.

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